Thursday, August 12, 2010

thursday journaling

this morning we got coop and dad out the door, then the kids entertained themselves while I had a date with the treadmill. after that I had a date with the vacuum and then we were off. we hit target (where we scored some great $1 learning time deals... thanks ashlee!), trader joe's (where beckham learned he could push his own cart... and so did senny. thank heavens it wasn't busy in there) and fry's (where seneca found the potatoes first in our treasure hunt and grabbed one from the bottom of the nicely stacked pile. luckily her mom is a quick catch, disaster averted). beckham's favorite thing to listen to in the car when we're running errands these days is "mike and the bike." he sings the song that accompanies the story and it's pretty funny. we are all loving books on CD from the library. we listen to them whenever we are in the car, they love to follow along in the backseat. it was a full morning of errands with these little ones, but we're set for a few good dinners and snacks.

speaking of snacks, I think peanut allergies are a pain! I know several friends who deal with this in their kids and I completely feel for them. one of the things on the kindergarten wish list was snacks, so we got two boxes of trail mix packs from costco... only to find out that one of the kids in another class has a nut allergy and no nuts in any form are allowed in any of the classrooms. that eliminates the almond butter or peanut butter sandwich option for coop's lunch. it eliminates a lot of snack options... what is a healthy snack that has protein and doesn't involve nuts? I think this allergy is becoming more common and while it isn't that big a deal for me to work around it, I imagine it would be super hard to try to deal with it in my home. I also think energy work can eliminate many of the food allergies kids and adults deal with today. if only they knew!

I had to wake the kids up today to go get coop, that's a bummer, but we all had great learning time when he got home. senny and beckham are working on same and different and their letters. seneca knows the sounds of many of her letters, but not necessarily the names of the letters, which I figure is ok considering it's the sounds you need to read, not the letter names. beckham is great at the action... for example, show him a "k" and he'll stand up and kick with vigor while repeating the "k" sound, or pretend to lick a lollipop when he sees letter "l." cooper finished some stuff for school (coloring. seriously, he's doing things that are beyond seneca's ability level. killing me. restraining myself) and then we played a flashcard game and did subtraction problems. miss krysten was a genius when teaching this kid math. still love her to pieces. they enjoyed popsicles outside then helped pick up the family room while I started dinner. it was a good afternoon.

tonight I've got the parent orientation for coop's music class. I'm excited for him to get started again and so is he. and denten promised he's mow the lawn. you know it's way past time when the kids are lifting up their knees when running across the yard... beckham was golfing out there this morning and denten said it was like he was playing in the rough, poor kid. hey, at least it's thick and green.


brenda hatch said...

i love peanut butter! what a bummer for copper! that is a good question...why do so many people have that nowadays?

Erin said...

I have an entire file on snacks that are peanut free. I can send it your way if you are interested. Obviously this is something I know a lot about. If you want to send him with some type of butter to school try You can buy it at Frys in the health/whole foods section. It tastes good and is a safe alernative.