Monday, August 2, 2010

thank you to...

...the library for books that kept the littles entertained whilst I removed carpet. carpet has no place in a bathroom, much less a bathroom that gets used primarily by children.

...the carpet tack that stabbed me for not being one of the rusty ones. for having a boys chat with cooper about hitting the target whilst relieving himself. perhaps now I can keep a toilet clean in this house for longer than 12 hours.

...orowheat for making sandwich thins. just the right amount of bread for a great turkey sandwich. trader joe's for making fruit snacks that don't make me gag, and actually count as a serving of fruit! odwalla for providing a smoothie that gave me more than half of my recommended fruit consumption for the day. shello who introduced me to TJ's dark chocolate almonds... with sea salt. sinful, except that they're not that bad for you. I don't really even like dark chocolate, but the sweet and salty combo is irresistible. geotrax and an assortment of balls and imagination that occupied children whilst I relocated books from the den closet to the shelf that finally has a home in the living room. shannon hale who wrote an amusing book for my entertainment. the actor and the housewife. funny, especially if you're a mormon. the law firm who donated an office chair to our family room that has provided an endless amount of laughing and ridiculous dizziness.


The Qian Family said...

I love your emphasis on gratitude. I think I need to ask my sweet hubby to have a similar talk with our boys...again :)

Love the pic below, as well. Another emphasis on gratitude.

I enjoy checking your blog every now and again, via Erin's. Take care!

Tutz said...

Best way for boys, big and little, to keep bathrooms clean, is to teach them to sit down. It is a seat, after all.

Amy said...

I love those sandwich thins too & INFINITELY empathize with the boys' bathroom issues.