Tuesday, September 14, 2010

for the moment

all the bathrooms are sparkling. all the floors are vacuumed and/or swept and mopped. all the laundry is done. all of the dishes are clean. all of the beds have clean sheets and are made. all of the garbages have been emptied and taken out. cupboards have been organized, desks have been cleared, toys are in their proper places. it is a cryin' shame I'm not sticking around to enjoy it all.

but I'm well aware that eventually someone around here will need to use the bathroom, have a meal, take off dirty clothes and climb in bed. things will be taken out, played with and read. and then it will be normal around here again.

however, for the moment it is glorious. and I am beyond exhausted. time for vacation!!


Tutz said...

WOW! If I were you I'd stick around and enjoy your efforts. Just send everyone else away!
I don't think I have ever accomplished all of that in one day, or even one week! Go Girl!

Amy said...

Can I just say my bathrooms are disgusting?!? Really. Why do they always have to be in a state of utter disgust? It drives me crazy & my mother would not approve! haha.