Sunday, September 12, 2010

seen and heard: weekend edition

seen:  the oldest trying out swimming boot camp for the first time.

seen:  hired white boys attempting to help with the yard. 

heard:  the mom expressing her prejudice and wishing they were hispanic.  there is a marked difference in efficiency and thoroughness.  and preparedness to handle the task at hand.

seen:  the dad hobble around all weekend due to pulled calf muscle.

heard:  classical music competing with football as the oldest practiced his music lesson while his dad cheered on the cards.

seen:  the dad mopping the whole house.  even with pulled muscle.

seen:  the mom making impressive strides in the laundry room.

seen:  the mom and the dad enjoying a dinner out with new friends.

seen:  the little boy uncharacteristically laying with mom for a while before getting out of bed.

seen:  the little boy getting sick in sacrament meeting.

heard:  mom cancelling fun dinner plans with friends due to sick little boy.

seen:  the little girl pumping her little legs on the swing endlessly while wearing her apron and pink jelly shoes.

seen:  the oldest practicing soccer drills in the back yard.

heard:  the little pathetic boy asking for toast over and over and continuously being denied.

heard:  the entire house quiet as everyone rested.

seen:  the dad being paid a visit from a member of the bishopric making his former calling official in the new ward.

heard:  the counselor asking the mom what she likes doing in the church.  if asked, what would you request??

seen:  the mom spending lots of hours with katniss and catching fire.  shhh.  I’m not done yet.

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