Thursday, September 9, 2010

special day

when cooper started school, we made a big deal about it.  there was a lot of preparation leading up to the big event and it was deemed, “his special day.”  seneca has been waiting patiently for “her special day.”  it finally arrived. 


the first day of preschool.


with Miss Kerry.  don’t let her face fool you, she had a ball.

the only downside was that her brother didn’t get to go with her.  it was such a bummer for both of them that I wondered more than once today if I shouldn’t have thrown him in too. 


Tutz said...

Senny looks darling. Glad to hear she had a good day. How great is that, that she wanted Beckham along! Have fun with your ALONE time with the Bexter. hugs and kisses

Karen said...

Yeah for Seneca, I hope she loves it.