Wednesday, September 8, 2010

thoughts for the day:

thoughts for the day:

- scorpions are way scarier when I have bare feet. they are usually dead when I find them, which isn't often, but even dead they are creepy.

- how do mothers who have children in school get dinner on the table every night? between after-school lessons, activities and learning time, there is zero time to prepare dinner! this is when dinner co-op would be very handy! brilliant amy has me thinking about freezer meals... cooking one day a week, freezing stuff to pull out and heat up. do you have favorite recipes that freeze well? we all know dinner isn't my forte anyway and this lack of prep time is really a problem!

- I am working on how to fit in one-on-one time with cooper. we need to practice music every day and it goes so much better if I can sit and focus on it with him rather than call to him from the kitchen what he should be working on. I find the same struggle with reading. we do so well when we have time to sit together unrushed, but that time is so rare. with the other two busy bodies around, it's hard to find alone time for music, reading and so on. he's good at working on things by himself, but sometimes me sitting with him works better for both of us. darn school, it's taking up too much of my time with him!

- everyone is sleep deprived due to our weekend away. it is most evident in the coopster. at 7:01 tonight all children were in bed with lights off. we started bedtime early tonight in hopes of getting a catch-up hour in. it could backfire in the morning with the little ones, but coop needs more sleep, we all suffer when he is a grumpopotomous.

- the little miss starts preschool tomorrow. it has almost been overshadowed with all the other hustle and bustle going on around here. tuesday was music class, today was swimming and dance, friday soccer starts and saturday is swim boot camp. I think preschool will be fantastic, I hope she'll love it. I also hope bexie doesn't go crazy with only me to hang out with. poor kid is used to having a constant playmate, hope I fit the bill.

- random thought. a year ago we were in southern utah over labor day. we were seriously contemplating moving back there, working towards starting a law practice. I even had my house picked out. well, not that exact one, but I knew what it would be. I'm glad heaven stepped in and set us straight. this place has a long way to go, but it's more right for us than cedar city would have been. I had great experiences there, well... I had experiences there, but it's not a place I long for at all. while the house in my head was very cool, I'm glad we're not there.

- I need to wipe off the table. why does that get forgotten when I'm cleaning the kitchen?


Emily said...

Dinner, ya, tonight it was frozen pizza. Tomorrow I'm thinking pancakes.

One on one time with kids who go to school all day is a very hard thing to come by.

kimmalee said...

I love all your random thoughts. There are so many things that I wouldn't have thought of that get harder once kids start school. I'm glad that I have you to look up to and watch as you master all of these stages ahead of me. I know you have your struggles too, but you seem so on top of things and seem to have so much figured out. I sure love ya. Good luck in the new ward! Sometimes I wish I could just fly there and we could cry and talk for a day or two.

Lindsay said...

oh wow! that just brought back memories of practicing the piano and harp before school and mom in the kitchen yelling in that i made a mistake. if you play loud enough it tunes the voice out. im sure coop will figure that out soon enough! :)

Alicia said...

We did freezer cooking recently, it was well worth the effort! Just to give you the heads-up--Enchiladas, not so good out of the freezer, tortillas turn to mush.
I miss chatting with you, even if it wasn't super frequent!