Tuesday, September 28, 2010

good things in my life right now.

1. beckham is in big boy underwear today. so far, so good. he’s in it for the treats, all the way. his sister appreciates every time he goes seeing as she gets treats when he goes potty, too. it’s a win-win. he woke up from his nap dry and we even ventured to get groceries and to the library today without incident. I have high hopes for this endeavor, although he has consumed a great amount of candy today!

2. I believe there is no other feeling I appreciate more than peace. the kind that settles deep down in your soul and lends itself to friends like strength, contentment and patience.

3. I love that cooper will come home from school and immediately get his stuff done. he goes from practicing his music to math, reading and writing and usually does it with no complaints. I’m glad he enjoys learning and finds creative ways to make it fun. he is currently sitting on the swings outside with his notebook and pencil writing very intently.

4. Senny and Beckham are great little friends. They miss each other when one is missing. it also means they aggravate each other, but they are a pair and it seems to be a good arrangement. it is apparent to me time after time that Heaven did not drop these two where they landed by accident. they make my days happy.

5. being in sync with D.

6. the upcoming weekend.

7. I’ve made actual dinner two nights in a row. celebrate that and pray it’s some kind of streak.


Emily said...

I hear ya on #7. I've been out of the dinner groove for...over a year and I really need to get with it.

Krista Hegstrom said...

Best of luck on the rest of potty training. Sounds like he's already a pro! Love hearing about the happenings at your house!

Steph said...

Such good things. I love #2. Peace. Love that. Need that. And also love you had a girls getaway. LOVE those!!