Thursday, September 2, 2010

pick a title, any title

sometimes I wish I could have a break. just long enough for someone to come in and clean up the kitchen from dinner and handle bedtime. those activities shouldn't be so exhausting or require so much patience, but perhaps because they fall at the end of the day that has already been filled with such activities, they do.

reading portal of genius. it has me thinking. good thing we have a road trip ahead of us. I have lots of thoughts to bounce off of denten. I need a few more thoughts to pop into my head, trying to be open to them arriving.

headed to southern utah for the weekend. dent keeps saying the kids need a mountain experience. we should just be honest about who really needs the mountains. but they'll have a blast. except that they are excited to go the "cabin." trouble is, they think the mccall house is a cabin. the horse valley cabin pretty much the polar opposite of the mccall cabin. hope senny isn't disappointed. hope the five of us can figure out how to sleep in a one-room cabin with two beds.

cooper and I used the timer tonight to see how fast he could get through his flashcards. it was motivating and fun for him. I like when his competitive side is self-motivating. I remember doing flashcards nightly with my dad when I was young. I remember that occasionally it was torture. I am trying to remember what it felt like to be on the other side of the card.

I am impressed with how well beckham knows the sounds of his letters. he surprises me every time we work on them. He doesn't know all the letter names, but is getting the sounds.

Seneca had a rough and whiny day. sometimes life just needs to stop so I can sit and hold her. I appreciate that my current lifestyle allows for moments like those. I appreciate that while days like this are exhausting and I'm ready to be done that I'm the one who gets to hold her when she's just down and out. I'm glad it's me she wants and not another care giver.

Dutch got to spend the day at the dealership today. He got pampered. New interior door handles, a few recall issues taken care of, breaks and 4-wheel drive checked... he enjoyed his time away and is now back in service, ready to haul us to utah. best of all? didn't cost us a single dime. I love service trips like that.

today is harrie's birthday. that's my little sister, for those unaware. beckham sang to her all day long, too bad she wasn't here to hear it. we all love aunt linny. she's coming to save us all in a few weeks and we can't wait!!

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Michelle Burk said...

I would title it: "Another beautiful day." And happy birthday Harry!