Tuesday, October 5, 2010

60-second update

birthday party in the works. thank goodness cooper has denten for a father, otherwise birthdays would not be nearly as fun as they are.

loving the rain and dark skies. major downpour complete with thunder this afternoon, it was awesome.

helped out in coop's class this morning. it was fun to meet his friends and see how he spends his days. I'm glad I'm not a teacher who has to teach such a wide variety of academic needs.

feel like there is always something around the corner... a trip or an event of some kind. I'm looking forward to a few solid days with enough unplanned time to dive into a few projects. what are the chances of that happening anytime soon?

worked diligently on the laundry yesterday. have towels to fold, but most everything else is done.

that's all I have time for at the moment.

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Deanna said...

I meant to wish you a Happy Birthday the other day. Sorry I'm a little late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

When I read your blog I feel like we live the same lives at times just different kids and husband. The same to do lists, laundry, paper overload from school, homework challenges, the list goes on and on. It is refreshing to read your blog to know I'm not alone and that we all go through similar but different daily to-dos.

You have a beautiful family and thank you for your willingness to share them with us. Your amazing!