Friday, October 1, 2010

I’m 32.


I had a lot of people ask my how my day was yesterday.  I told Denten it didn’t really feel like my birthday, but I don’t know if I have had a birthday that really felt like one since I was, maybe, eight?  Bummer about that, but it was a pretty good day nonetheless.  The little joys of my life accompanied me to Costco and we ran a few errands.  I had a yummy treat waiting by my door when I got home.  This is what life looked like on my birthday:


This one thought he was genius to put himself in a box and slide off the couch.  He did it forty-eleven times.  He’s hiding the fact that he’s been wearing nothing on the bottom except underwear all week, but he’s staying dry for the most part and taking care of business in the bathroom. 


This one has been having one continuous tea party for the last three days. 


This one practiced all of his music lesson, even if it was horizontally.

We got a baby-sitter and flew the coop last night.  Caballo Blanco of Born to Run was in Scottsdale last night and we went to hear his stories.  He lives a pretty nomadic and minimalist lifestyle that is admirable although hard to fathom.  He views running with such a unique perspective, one that mainstream athletes today could gain a lot from.  It was an interesting evening.  We grabbed dinner on the way home and walked in to sleeping children and a clean house.  Doesn’t get better than that! 

And just a few photos I found on the camera to prove why my children think aunt Linny is the best thing on the planet and one cute little soccer star:

linny and kids linny and kids2

coop soccer


Cammi said...

Awesome you got to go out for your birthday and come home to a quiet clean house!! Whoop whoop! Love all the pics of the kids, I can't get enough of them. Happy Birthday Again!

Tutz said...

Cute pictures. I'm glad you had a date on your birthday. Sounds like an interesting speaker. Your idea or Dent's? Your babysitter is priceless. You know that, don't you? Hope the day after your birthday was happy!

Patria said...

happy belated birthday!!! so great that you had a fun getaway.... love the boots! (:

Steph said...

Happy Birthday. In my humble opinion, you should count that potty trained child as your 32nd bday gift. I know I would!!! Glad you enjoyed.

jared & amber said...

Happy Birthday. I totally remembered it was your birthday on the day...funny how little things from childhood stay with you. Glad you had an uneventful, perfect day.

Annika said...

Happy Belated Day!!!