Friday, October 22, 2010

end of week stuff.

it's fall, officially. I wore a jacket all day today and had to pull out the slippers. I get that it's terrible to say it's going to be a long winter when I live where I do, but I already miss my body being enveloped in warmth all the time.

coop had soccer tonight, he did awesome. he's getting the hang of new things despite an average coach. we miss coach eagar!

beckham and I made cupcakes to 'boo' friends today. we went to deliver as an entire family tonight. yes, even the little, not-so-quiet ones. it was pretty fun, and coop is pretty fast.

winter grass is coming in. I love driving around and seeing big, vibrant green lawns. that is a plus of this time of year here.

today I was sitting in this very spot and kept hearing rustling in the den. I called for seneca to come out of there and she approached me from the opposite direction. that was immediately alarming... who or what was in my den?? a bird, it turns out. a bird was trapped in there, and had been there for quite some time judging by the mess the stinker made. now, birds are a little freaky to me. this one was light brown and had a long beak that curved down at the end... creepy. I was not immediately sure what to do about this situation, so I shut the door and told the littles not to open it. thankfully the solution was easy and I didn't have to chase it down with the pool net (denten's suggestion). I removed the screens from the outside and slid the windows open hoping the little thing could find its way out. he did, eventually. thankfully. not quite sure how he got in there. the front door was open for a while this morning and he could have come in then, but not so likely he'd make an immediate u-turn into the den, but there was evidence of bird in the entry way. or, he came in through the fireplace. I'll never know. and now you probably know more than you ever cared to!

I love weekends. I feel like it's going to be a good one.


The Hunt's said...

Just because you wore a jacket all day doesn't really mean it's fall you know. It probably just means it dipped below 85 degrees in PHX today.

Tutz said...

I suggest you put a little fat on your bones for the next few months. I did, years ago, and I am NEVER cold. Try it. It's easy with chocolate.

Hope you have a good weekend.