Sunday, October 24, 2010

sunday thoughts.

denten made a great roast today. and mashed potatoes, because he said we haven't had them in way too long. I love when he takes over in the kitchen. he did that yesterday with a new pasta sauce that I am a fan of. he's like chef ramsey in hell's kitchen... give him a random set of ingredients and he loves coming up with something delicious.

the past two weeks we have had incredible musical numbers in our ward. really impressive. great quality and humility were both displayed. the spirit filled the chapel and I had tears surface both times. last week was a teenage girl who sang , "I Know that My Redeemer Lives." It was as if you feel her bearing her testimony through the song, it was so powerful and she sang it clearly without pushing anything. today there was a men's quartet who sang "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing, " acapella. They were right on pitch the entire song and it was riveting. I am impressed with the talent in my ward and the quality of people here.

we had cousins over for dinner this afternoon and had a long discussion that left me very grateful for my activity in the church, the testimony that takes me back there each week and dictates my behavior between sundays. I am also incredibly blessed to have a husband who believes the same things I do and supports me in my callings in this life.

my kids love other kids. they were in heaven all afternoon playing with our company. I'm grateful for a home and a yard that allows them lots of space to enjoy each other.

the announcers during the cardinal game had a very high opinion of derrick anderson. I'm not sure I share their inflated opinion. give max hall a chance to gain a little experience and the team might be decent. I don't often take the time to site and watch a large portion of a football game, but sometimes it's fun to get into.

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