Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall break is over.  Cooper asked in his prayer this morning that we could all have a good week now that we’re not on fall break.  He was anxious to return to school, though.  We did a lot of this while he was home:


Beckham is into parties.  He must be his mother’s son.  He is anxious for a party and talks about them all the time.  We got together with friends for dinner twice this weekend and both times it was a full-on party experience for him.  He is always very helpful in getting things ready when he knows there will be friends involved.  He is very much looking forward to our ward Halloween party where there will be costumes.  He was disappointed there were no costumes last night.  If we see decorations in someone’s yard as we are driving, he says, “it looks like a party!”  Bex is also looking forward to his birthday, which isn’t for more than three months.  There will be balloons for sure and this morning he requested waffles for his birthday.  I figure I’m safe to agree to any requests this far out. 

He is smart when it comes to potty-training.  He will stay dry and clean all day and then when bedtime comes around he knows just what to say to come out of his room.  He’s a smarty-pants and uses the bathroom as a stalling tactic.


There’s so much more I could say about Seneca’s antics lately, but I’ll leave you with this for now.



The Silly Witch said...

Oh dear Seneca. I can see that you know how to play hard.

Aunt Debi said...

You must have got the party bug from Grandma Tutz. She was the party animal while I was growing up. Beckham has thinned out and looks taller. I'm kind of missing the baby cheeks. Senny looks like one busy girly girl. Love the flippers!

Croslands said...

I love them. All of them.