Friday, October 15, 2010


Do you ever have several windows on your computer open at a time?  I mean several??  I have, for several days in fact.  I finally sat down today for a good while and handled the things that were open and waiting for me to call on, make decisions about, etc.  I also purged my desk of paper.  Lots of stuff found the recycle bin.  Lots of stuff was filed, calendared and organized.  I’m not sure why I let it get so busy, but it sure feels good when all this paper mess is cleaned up.

Need to record the following:  a while ago when we were having a major storm at night, it started hailing after the kids had gone to bed.  Beckham came out of his room with huge eyes and asked, “what happening??”  “ I hear funder!”  He was scared, really scared.  His little eyes were darting back and forth trying to figure it out.  He sat with us for a while and then said, “I sleep in mom and dad’s bed where it safe.”  He said it so matter-of-factly it was funny.  We assured him that his bed was just as safe and that his angels were in there with him.  He crawled back in bed and immediately put his covers over his head, “I need to hide.”  He is wonderfully cuddly when he’s scared, and pretty funny, but I’m glad it doesn’t happen often.

I’m a budgeter.  You knew that, right?  I found a system a few years ago that has been working pretty well for us, but it doesn’t have all the features I desire to keep track of everything easily.  There is the prospect of something new and I am anxious to try it.  (Pete, I’m being patient!)  I just like to know what is coming in, what is going out and where it’s going… it doesn’t sound like it would be that difficult to manage, but I want the process to be smooth and easy and be able to see all accounts without a hassle.  I have high hopes for this next tool.

This, being the last fall break weekday, was fairly lazy.  We did hit Trader Joe’s this morning however and you’d think we were going to the moon.  Beckham cleared the table from breakfast while chanting, “tra-der joe’s, tra-der joe’s!”  The fact that he gets to push his own cart just his size is so exciting, and serves as awesome bribery for anything I need done beforehand.  In the car everyone was listening to Halloween music and out of the blue Seneca says, “Mom, I love Joe’s.”  Who knew grocery shopping could be so fulfilling for everyone??  We got delicious things and headed home. 

There has been lots of playing outside, legos, projects at the table and tv.  I told them they could watch a show if they folded laundry while they watched.  I got a load of towels folded out of the deal… folded and put away.  That should be the deal all the time!  Granted they didn’t look like when Rachel does my laundry, but even I don’t have stuff looking that good.

We have a home phone now.  I was happy doing without, but it isn’t so safe to leave my kids with a baby-sitter and no way to contact me if something goes wrong.  And Denten is sick of everyone from church calling his cell. 

I got to hold a baby for a long time tonight.  Little Sydney was all mine for hours tonight.  I’ve learned that I would be pretty good with a baby in this house.  My kids were so sweet with her, reading her stories, talking so soft and just laying down next to her.  She smiled often at Cooper and he thought he was awesome.  “She really likes me, Mom.  I really like when babies, you know, want me.”   I’m grateful for her sweet spirit and that my children recognized it.  Having the Malinka’s across the street is such a blessing to me. 


Michelle Burk said...

I relate with everything in your post. I would love to know what you decide to do with budgeting. Pass along any new program or idea. We tried It's free, and mmanages everything for you. My friend loves Neat Receipts, as it scans and divides all her receipts into categories. Both worth looing into. Love ya.

Emily Malinka said...

oh I love you guys... I will stay up on Pete to get you your new budget!