Thursday, October 14, 2010

answer any or all:

1.  what’s the one household task you wish you could hire out?  you know, not do but have done… by someone else who would do it well?

2.  what is your guilty pleasure?

3.  if you had three hours to yourself, all by yourself, what would you do?

4.  what do you usually eat for lunch?  what do you wish you usually ate for lunch?

5.  what is your “staying healthy” vice?  baked goods, soda, lack of desire to exercise… what, if you could kick, would make you better?

6.  is there one book, aside from your scriptures, that you feel you have allowed to actually change you?

7.  what kitchen utensil would you not want to live without?

8.  do you sleep in pajamas?  actual pajamas?


tenacious d said...

1. Housecleaning in general. We make the beds, do the laundry and the dishes, but I hired a cleaning lady to come in every two weeks and do the rest. My life has been measurably better ever since.


3. My current need for retail therapy (as well as a real need for new shoes) would send me to the mall.

7. A good knife.

8. Only when it's cold or when the situation is such that I can't run around in my underwear. (By "actual pajamas", I assume that you mean a coordinated bottom-and-top set, and not just sweats and a tee.)

Krista Hegstrom said...

1. Floors...hate 'em!

2. Sugar & baking sugary items - see number 5.

3. Take a nap or get a massage...or both! Or since I'm a practical (and boring) person, realistically get something done that I need to get done. Like cleaning, shopping, etc.

4. Usually a PB&J and an apple or leftovers or something like that - wish I had something healthy and delicious made for me and I didn't have to decide what it was!

5. Sugar...I'm an addict.

6. Not that I can think of...

7. A can opener - we had two break in the last two years...why!? How else are you going to eat all your canned goods?

8. Now that it's getting colder I am wearing pajamas, but usually just my g's.

Ashlee said...

First, I love the new banner! It has been a while since I stopped by and it is fantastic.

My answers:

1. Outside projects - this includes yard maintenance, gardening, holiday decorating, weeding, etc. Also, I want them to handle the outside decor in general - wreathe, cute accents, ALL OF IT.

2. Last night it was a Reese's. Sprite is probably my biggest one though - I don't feel guilty about chocolate but I know the soda and sugar in it are not good for me...I only have one when totally necessary, but still feel guilty later.

3. Either clean, work on a project, sleep, or go to the temple.

6. Almost every book I read changes me. Not the indulgent mystery but most of what I read impacts me in a permanent way. New book title for you: Light in the Wilderness by Catherine Thomas.

8. No. Too claustrophobic.

The Kelly Variety said...

I'm wondering why? Why, these random questions? Some of these are hard to find an answer to.
1. LAUNDRY - Wash - Fold - Put Away - Repeat!
2. I like to watch the l o n g Pride and Prejudice. (I don't have that kind of time though.)
3. I don't even know how to think about that.
4. Never the same thing
5. Hot buttered Bread
7. A can opener would be hard
8. When it's cold

The Silly Witch said...

Love the questions....

1. I, too, would hire out the laundry. And if they could handle the transportation of the dry cleaning and the clothing shopping and just make us all look fabulous all the time that would be lovely.

2. Reading everyone's blogs. I take too much time doing this, but I just love everyone so much. Also I can't resist my library books. I neglect things when I find a good book.

3. I would go get a massage and take in a temple session. And I would beam myself from place to place so I wouldn't have to waste that time in the car.

4. Hmmmmmm. I had soup with friends today, but usually I have leftovers. I like what I eat, but I would like to have a fresh salad ready to go for lunch, too.

5. Getting to bed on time is my biggest vice though I have a few. If I get to bed on time, I am powerful, but I'm never tired at my bed time and the house is so wonderful and peaceful and quiet that it's hard for me to go to bed.

6. There is not only one book there are many that have helped "character" me. Lord of the Rings, My Antonia, The Art of Homemaking, The China Study, to name a few...

7. My big knife

8. Yes. I like to be covered. Sometimes they're clean lounging around clothes instead of actual pajamas.

Scrap Happy said...

1. Floors, dusting and bathrooms all come in at a tie - but I'd have to say floors.

2. Sleeping in and letting my kids fend for themselves for breakfast every morning.

3. Finish painting the girls' room. And then go shopping for running shoes.

4. Usually turkey, pesto and pepper jack cheese sandwiches, or leftovers if they sound good

5. BAKED GOODS - especially homemade cookies

6. Nope

7. Onion chopper (Actually I think it's a nut chopper from PC)

8. Nope

Rachel said...

1. Floors- mopping sweeping, etc.
2. Choco Cherry Love blizzard from DQ
3. Read or watch Inspector Lynley (he is seriously yummy!)
4. apple or orange is typical. I wish I ate a great croissant club sandwish from Paradise Bakery
5. Teddy Grahams, Twizzlers and energy to exercise. I have to exercise to keep my joints working - wish that was sufficient motivation.

6. A Single Voice by Sister Holland
7. Wooden spoon
8. yes - I love my jammies!

The Nerd said...

This is a great idea that I may copy. Where are your answers.

1. clean the bathrooms. Followed by the floors

2. 3 Musketeers bars (only pleasure no guilt)

3. so, read, crafting, yardwork etc...

4. leftovers but i would rather eat fresh veggies with a yummy brownie for dessert

5. Candy - love my sweets.

6. It really goes back "Marvelous work and a wonder"

7. What is a kitchen utensil. The only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house.

8. no