Thursday, October 14, 2010

fall break: thursday


Bob got dusted off as we strapped Senny and Bex into the stroller for a walk to the park with Emily and her girls and Coop on his bike.  Good conversation, good exercise, good energy exertion by the littles… great morning.  Lunch and naps, lego projects, thank-you cards, clean sheets on the beds, a trip to the library, quesadillas on the patio for dinner.  Dad is sleeping at the bottom of the Grand Canyon tonight so we’re holding down the fort.  Beckham is learning (over and over) that the bikes don’t come into the kitchen.  Cooper is learning that he can spin really fast on the swings and Seneca has been doing her workbook and coloring since we got back from the library.  I’m liking her hair, although it makes her face rounder… chubbier.  Her cheeks are awesome and I love them.  Coop is totally into Halloween and was on the hunt for Halloween books at the library.  He wants to be a spider for the occasion… I’m thinking pool noodles spray-painted black and attached to his back so they stick out to the sides?  Someone brilliant let me know if there is a better way to create a spider.    I think we’ll read new books and head to bed early. 

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Emily Malinka said...

Oh I love those kids! Thanks for the good times! Lets do it again soon