Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11.17 grateful for…

butternut squash ravioli from costco.  yum.  why have I not discovered it until now?  beckham calls it “yummioli.” 

a good shopping helper today, saving tons with price-matching, both making for a quick and easy grocery run.

household tasks getting checked off. slowly but surely. 

wood floor in the bathroom.  the accident would have taken much longer to clean up had it been on carpet.

the furnace.  D turned it on for me this morning.  I let it run for a while before I turned it off again.  I was measurably warmer today.

notes:  I’m tired.  could fall asleep this very minute if I didn’t still have three children to shower, read with and plop in their beds.  two more hours ‘til dad walks in the door… we can do it!  we can do it!  ok, I gotta go do it.

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Misty said...

I was thankful for hard floors yesterday too. The accident occurred in the bathroom which was much appreciated, as accidents go.