Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I’m grateful to the checker at Costco who credited me coupons on my purchases even though I didn’t present her with any. 

I’m grateful for great friends and new babies.  I got to hold new baby Oakley today and I did not want to give him back.  I also didn’t want to stop eating Shello’s chicken salad.  It was a good lunch date.  It even involved nudity.  Yep, those are the kinds of friends I have.  (don’t worry, the nudist was three.  and he wasn’t mine.)

I’m grateful that there is a tomorrow because there are so many things that need to get done that didn’t happen today.  If I died tonight, heaven help the people that would have to step in.  Bring on the productivity tomorrow.

I’m grateful Denten came home early tonight.  He handled bedtime with the littles while I read with Cooper.  Senny had a rough go of it and I was thankful for a break. 

I’m grateful that all sales are not final.  I have a few returns to take care of  and it is convenient for me that I can buy a few things, see what works and take the rest back.

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