Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Grateful for my Blessings:

1. I'm grateful that the guys laying my tile are done. they did a great job, but they were stinky and it disrupted my routine. no, not complaining, just being grateful it's done.

2. I'm grateful for Deborah at the bank who is helping us with several projects and that she has our best interest in mind as she works for us.

3. I'm grateful for Senny's cute dance teachers who give her a reason to put on tights, a leotard and tutu and do flit around for an hour each week. It's adorable to watch her little body try to plie and releve.

4. I'm grateful my grocery bill was under $100 for the week, despite some misunderstood deals. I'm also grateful the boys were great shoppers and that we were in and out in under 45 minutes.

5. I'm grateful for the knowledge that I can crawl into my bed at the end of this day and sleep peacefully. My body needs it and it's a blessing that I have a safe, comfortable place to sleep each night next to a hotsie-totsie.

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