Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a greater plan

Thankful for my blessings:

Today I'm grateful that there is a greater plan. I like to have my own plan, and have things follow according to it, but I'm grateful that sometimes there is a better way. There are a few things we are working on and had decided how they needed to go. We were comfortable with the plan, even though some of the situations weren't ideal. Today new doors opened up, ones that will be great blessings to our family. I'm glad things didn't go according to my plan, but according to a better one. I apologize if the details are a little vague, I just want to remember here that Someone else is in charge and it's best if we let Him run the show now and then.

I'm grateful for inspiring friends, ones that do amazing things in their homes for their families. Ones that understand their calling here and are committed to fulfilling it, despite the unglamourous nature of the job.

I'm grateful for new tile! Should be finished tomorrow. It's fun, I think you'll like it.

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Emily said...

Would Jake stripping to the nude and wetting all over his bed/pillow during his nap yesterday qualify for the "unglamourous" category?