Sunday, November 21, 2010


I’ve had live coverage of the Ironman streaming from my computer all day.  I can't get enough.  My kids wander past occasionally and cheer for whoever happens to be on at the time.  We drove over to Gilbert Road to cheer for Kate, a friend who is working on becoming an Ironman today.  She has a long night ahead of her, but I am so excited for her and wish I could cheer her on all along her run.  I don’t think there is another event I’ve been witness to that affects me the same way this one does.  It is inspiring, uplifting and electric.  Everyone wants everyone to succeed.  There is constant encouragement and the need to dig deep is huge.  It is emotional.  I was telling Denten that I could very well turn into a little old lady that travels around cheering people on at races like this.  I get so excited and proud of them and all that they had to do to get to this point.  I get excited for their families and all that everyone sacrificed for this to happen for someone.  Sometimes the emotion is overwhelming and I’m not even the one doing the racing.  I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to me, but I’m grateful for the energy, excitement and power this event provides for people.  The announcer is calling people across the finish line letting them know, “YOU are an Ironman!”  He also said there is no better place in the world to be tonight than in Tempe, Arizona.  I might have to agree.  I love the spirit of the Ironman.  And I’m pretty sure my husband can’t be around a race like this and not immediately register to do it again.  He said that being a spectator is a completely different experience than participating and he prefers the latter.  We’re slated for the St. George Iron in May and most likely right here one year from tonight.  It’s contagious and fantastic. 

just after the swim start this morning.




bike transition


Chrissy Wellington… superstar!  You should have seen her run.  Seriously. 

6:15 miles consistently- she was just hopping along like it was nothing.  Amazing. 



Kate, taking off on the bike and then with 12 miles left.


It’s dark and people are still going.  They’ve been going now for more than 12 hours.  It’s killing me just a little that I am not there ringing my cow bell and cheering all sorts of encouragement their way.  Next year.

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Amber said...

I watched about this on the news. I heard the water was super cold. As if it's not challenging enough.