Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ironman is in town and this morning was the kids race.  Nothing like a little competition energy to postpone our Saturday jobs.

Trying to figure out how many people he is going to have to pass to get out in the open.  Mom and Senny freezing in the background.


and he’s off!  leaving the rest of his age group behind.




coming across the finish line




After a little down time, he rocked it on the soccer field today as well.  I’m grateful he loves to be active and that so far the competitive streak he has isn’t a problem.  I’m also grateful he has awesome little cheerleaders that don’t mind being the support squad for their brother.


kimmalee said...

That little picture of him running is so cute. What a darling face he has! So cool that your little kids are running races and love going to support each other and of course their mom and dad. What fun family memories.

The Hunt's said...

Gosh, I can't believe it was a year ago. It makes me nostalgic. I actually just teared up...that's the pregnancy right? It looks like you didn't even try to keep up with the Coopster this year. Did he beat his last years time??

Tutz said...

Hooray for Cooper! You are a STAR!!