Friday, November 19, 2010


this girl is growing up way too fast.


she is animated, dynamic and has a fantastic imagination.  her moods are intense.

she is a lover of all things princess and will also play trains with her brother all afternoon.


she sounded out a word for me after preschool today.  it’s so fun to see her light up when she puts her sounds together to read words. 

she thinks she’s brilliant.  I do, too.

she has picked every rose on our bushes within her reach. 

she carries them around, makes lovely arrangements and protects them with her life.


when she’s sad she asks if I’ll sit in the rocking chair with her, or lay down with her for a few seconds.  it’s not often I can refuse. 

she cried all the way home from the beach. 

she would have stayed all day.

she’s something special, this one.  we love you, miss seneca kate.


tenacious d said...

I think that you guys are incredibly blessed to have this little person in your life. Thanks for sharing a little of her (and her darling brothers).

Tutz said...

She is darling. We love her and feel lucky to have her.

Robert and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

I love your beautiful children! You have the cutest family ever! Hope all is going well for you! Still have fond memories of lovely Cedar City! :)Have a great Thanksgiving :) :)

Scrap Happy said...

there's only one word for that - and I'll steal it from you - DARLING.