Saturday, November 6, 2010


1. races. the adrenaline, the energy, the support, the physical exertion, the cheering... all of it is fantastic. it is really the only reason I get out of bed before 5 a.m. happily. the kids love cheering on their dad. as we moved from one spectator spot to another, we found ourselves at the beginning of the run after transition. beckham was very good at "have a great run, guys!"

2. saturdays. days to get stuff done. I'm not sure why I am more productive in certain areas of my life on saturdays than other days, but my entire house got mopped today. with the big mop. it was serious business and feels fantastic to have done. the yard got attention today as well. saturdays are productive days.

3. a break. and a husband who knew I needed one. when discussing possible evening plans, he said, "why don't you just go out and I'll handle bedtime?" done. no need to argue. he's leaving tomorrow for a few days and an evening away from the routine helped me to gear up for another week.

4. abg. the lady who I can visit with for hours and it isn't all about my kids. money, husbands, jobs, business, politics. brainstorming, solving problems.. a welcome break from my role as mother.

5. anticipation. we have two fun weekends with family coming up this month and I am looking forward to both.

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Amy said...

Who wants to talk about kids when your taking a break from them?!? haha. xoxo.