Sunday, November 7, 2010

D, energy, Boogs

1.  a husband who, after I’ve been up for an hour with sleepless kids, takes a turn and allows me extra hours in bed and handles breakfast.  those extra hours are major.  he also cleaned the kitchen before he left today which had an emotional, if not physical, impact on how smoothly our day has gone.

2.  a lazy day at home for kids recovering from colds.  go fish, sequence, ABC twister, connect four, charlotte’s web, building with blocks.  easy meals, quiet naps for everyone.

3.  time for research and reading.  today’s topics included tender mercies of the Lord, finding hope, daily priorities, bedtime battles and borderline personality disorder…  some were for me, some for clients.  all were interesting.

4.  energy work and the ability to bless my family and those around me.  hormone imbalances, grumpy moods, behavior issues, running injuries and lots more were cleared today quickly and easily.

5.  my brother who is doing amazing things for the people of Oregon as he serves the Lord as a full-time missionary.  he is incredibly wise and disciplined and obedient and patient and motivates others to be the same.  I could not be more proud of him or wish for a greater example for my children to follow.   when looking at the place he was in in London to the man he is today, there is no room at all for doubt that miracles are abundant.


Emily said...

Number FIVE. I love that kid and every time I think of him and where he's come from to where he is I tear up, because you're right, it is nothing short of a miracle and a witness that HE KNOWS US, loves us, and knows what it is He wants us to become and He also knows how to get us there and that we are MUCH stronger than we think we are. Sorry to blab so much. I really just wanted to say I love that kid!!!

The Hansen's said...

I love reading your thankfuls. You have such a way with words that makes things so easy to read. Thank you for this challenge, you are so wonderful. I really enjoy it.