Tuesday, December 14, 2010

back. in a few ways.

This blog is back in business. I think. It disappeared off the face of the web for a few days. Seems several hundred bloggers were in quite a tizzy over the same issue. I'm grateful I don't use this for business purposes... those people were really mad. I was concerned, however, seeing as this has been used almost exclusively as my journaling for past few years. I was hopeful though, and patient. And I've learned that backing up your blog is a fantastic idea. You can educate yourself here. Thank you, Brenda.

I discovered this blog-disappearing business upon returning home from a lovely little escape. Denten's firm Christmas party was in Santa Fe Saturday. We waited until late in the game to decide to go. Arranging someone for the kids is always the drawback, but we made it happen and I'm so glad we did. We only see these people twice a year and I really enjoy them. It was a great evening, again reminding me that we are so blessed to first, have work; and second, that it is with great people who love what they do and who are stinkin' good at it. The Tempe office was recognized this year as the only firm in Arizona specializing in Indian Law to achieve Tier One status in the National ranking of firms. The firm was also recognized in New Mexico for the same honor. These people are interesting, entertaining and delightful. And 48 hours without children is major. Wandering compelling galleries, trying new cuisine and having uninterrupted time with the spouse is just a little bit of heaven.

I believe the time away was as good for the children as it was for us. Between a date at the movie theater, making a gingerbread house (immaculate, by the way), and enjoying endless games and fun with Rachel, I'm not sure they were ready for us to be back so soon.

The final countdown to Christmas is on and it's time to throw a party, finish wrapping and enjoy the magic of these final weeks.


brenda hatch said...

YAY, what a relief! Did it all of a sudden reappear?

Tutz said...

I am SO happy you found your blog! How sad to lose 2-3 years of memories with pictures with a computer glich. Relief.
Have you backed it up now?

The Silly Witch said...

Um. I'm gonna backup my blog right now. I think I would mourn for a very long time if I lost my 500 something precious posts!

Robert and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

Thanks for the info. I've been wondering long and hard about backing up my blog. I'm in the process right now.