Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have, have you?

- Have you ever been so warm in the shower that you stay a few unnecessary minutes just to postpone the getting-out process?

- Have you ever anticipated a phone call so much that you were completely attached to your phone all day waiting for it to ring?

- Have you ever been transported back to an earlier time when a certain song plays?

- Have you ever skipped out on doing your hair after a shower knowing you wouldn’t see anyone today anyway?  and then regret it?

- Have you ever belted out a song pretending you were on a stage performing for real?

- Have you ever sworn up and down that you wouldn’t ever have a car that looked like that?  and then realized you lied?

- Have you ever driven over two hours to find that one pair of shoes that would be perfect with that dress?

- Have you ever cancelled your whole day because you just didn’t want to handle all that was planned?

- Have you ever hurried to bed as fast as you could just to have a few extra minutes of reading time?

- Have you ever carried around a major regret wishing with all your might you could turn back time?

- Have you ever wished you could give someone advice that would save them a lot of heartache but knew they had to do it on their own?

- Have you ever wondered what one major decision in your life made the most impact in getting you to where you are today?

- Have you ever been too honest?

- Have you ever looked around at the mess and wondered what you ever did to deserve the fantastic life you have? 

- Have you ever lost sleep over a big decision?  over a little one? 

- Have you ever owned a pair of pants that made you feel like a million bucks when you wore them? 

- Have you ever been surprised that scars really do fade?

I have.  Have you?


Joni said...

Yes to almost all of those!

kimmalee said...

So many memories reading this post. Made me think of the times I've done all of these things. Good post. I wonder what I've done to deserve the life I have all the time.

Katelyn & Wade said...

I, my dear, have flown to London for the perfect pair of shoes. I have never in my life been too honest and my stretchy pants make me feel just short of a billion. Glad to see you recovered your blog, you scared me and I slurped mine all into Blurb last night...

The Hansen's said...

So glad you are back! I need to get my litte online journal into something quick.
I loved this post, I found myself nodding with each yes, yes. Life is good.

Robert and Cherlelynn Bednar said...

Thanks for the thoughts today. It was so good to ponder as I answered yes to the questions. You are so inspirational :)