Friday, December 17, 2010

ChRisTmas BreAk!!


School is out for two whole weeks!!


Are we sad about it?


No way… Celebrate!!


I’m pretty sure I’ve been more excited for school to be out than Coop has.  A break from the routine, a chance to have him home to have fun with us… it’s gonna be great!  We’re on a roll beginning today with the first of three parties in three days- Beckham is in heaven.  And while we’re anxious to visit snow in Utah, we’re loving this perfect weather!



Annika said...

Beckham looks like he has really grown in these pictures. What cute kids!

Croslands said...

I can't believe the break has already started. I know that you'll make great memories. You are so good at that.
Don't forget to set up some high school babysitters so you can get some alone time.

Steph said...

I'm with you! Loving the break...I guess we won't really feel that until Monday. A break from routine is much needed. Have fun!!!

Lindsay said...

just get here already.