Monday, December 20, 2010

last night we had a slam-bangin' good time of a party here.
this house was filled with lovely people.

I learned:

- no matter how much you prep the inside of this house for a party, chances are it will end up outside. I remember every day that this yard was a big part of why I love this house.

- I fully appreciate when Denten is in charge in the kitchen.
Dessert was great and I didn't do a thing.

- A wood-burning fire is mesmerizing. To people of all ages.

- This is a unique climate where it is appropriate for both the fire inside
and my children playing in flip-flops outside.

- We have awesome friends.

Today I need to make cookies and get them in the mail immediately to my brother. We tried this last week and they were given away or eaten before they were ever sent.
We're on a mission today: Get the missionary his cookies!

Next up: my children finally sat on Santa's lap. betcha can't guess what they asked for.
really. you can't guess. just be patient.

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eryka said...

It was a slam-bangin' good time! Thanks so much for the invite. We love spending time with your family. I think we really need to start looking at homes in Mesa.