Friday, December 3, 2010

cooper, lights and the rest.

Cooper lost his first tooth earlier this week. I think it was exciting but freaked him out just a little. It was so tiny! The tooth fairy wasn't something we had spent a lot of time discussing beforehand as was evident when D and I were whispering our disagreements in Cooper's room late that night as to how much money the tooth fairy was going to leave. Something that should probably be decided before the fairy gets right to the pillow. Anyway, he woke up early and happy to count his coins. He's already working on the next loose tooth. He talks a little differently with one missing and it's so dang cute.

I've been feeling for him lately as he comes home and gets his work done and then looks for a friend to play with. We knew moving in this area that there weren't kids his age in our immediate neighborhood but hoped that through school, church, soccer, swimming, music class, etc. that we'd find the right ones. He's met some great kids but boys are not just around the corner. He's been great to play with his brother and sister but was happy to bring friends home from school today to play basketball with. They are nice boys and it's fun to see him interact with his peers.

I've decided that there are definite benefits to moving into a house someone has already lived in. Such as... I discovered today that there are already hooks clear around the house for Christmas lights. Seeing that the Mr. has limited time for such things these days, I fully appreciated that this made my job super easy. It also helps that we have a flat roof and I simply had to walk around and drop the lights into place. I've got one more strand to go... let's pray they all turn on when I'm done!

Seneca is wearing purple today. She looks pretty in purple.
Beckham is asleep right now. He looks delicious when he's asleep.

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