Saturday, December 4, 2010

today seneca woke up feeling crummy and it just kept going downhill. by the time we were leaving the soccer game she was whiny and out of it and kept telling us her ear hurt. we went to a party for coop's team and she was lethargic and restless. dent brought us home for naps. I am grateful for energy work and essential oils. after her nap she has been her old self- no pain, no fever, no whining. and I got a nap too... bonus. I needed it.

this was cooper's last game of the season. as I told my brother in my letter this week, he looks awesome on the field, but he's playing with pee-wees that don't really care which direction the ball is going. there is one other player about coop's level on the team and the two of them have had a good time and scored enough for their enormous egos. it was fun for him but he wasn't challenged at all and I'm not sure he learned any new skills. we'll be looking for a different league next time around or volunteer to coach so we know the time is well-spent.

beckham may turn out to be our best negotiator yet. we thought coop was good but this kid might have him beat. and he's persistent. if sitting on the potty for ridiculous amounts of time means stalling bedtime, he'll do it.

seneca likes to dance in front of our back windows at night when she can see her reflection. she's been prancing around on her tippy-toes all evening in her tutu waving her arms around. and have I mentioned her hips? It is very clear she did not get those from me, 'cause she can move them! there is a video in existence of her dance performance- I suppose I should share it. proof her hips have a life of their own.

it has been quite some time that we have all been to church together between sickies and vacations. shall we place bets on whether it will happen tomorrow?

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