Sunday, December 5, 2010

the day.

- coop lost another tooth. he's got the two front ones on the bottom missing.
- enjoyed a fairly reverent testimony meeting today and a great RS lesson on gifts from our Savior.
- made creamy tortilla soup. it's good.
- had a good nap, although it was a little restless. too much trying to go on in my head.
- was so proud of diane for her 1/2 marathon accomplishment today.
- thought about jaim on her birthday.
- watched beckham attempt to play football in the backyard with his brother and dad.
- missing a few family members extra today.
- ready for peace to settle in. it's been a little elusive lately.
- downloaded google chrome. haven't used it enough to know if I love it, but it gives me the option of a kate spade background. what's not to love about that?


tenacious d said...

Thanks for the positive thoughts! I sure needed them.

Tutz said...

Please post a picture of the Toothless Wonder! He must understand the tooth fairy now if he pulled another tooth so soon :)