Friday, December 24, 2010

seen and heard on christmas eve.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…

seen:  seneca outlasting her mother as a super shopper.  we visited five stores in the mall to find the perfect shoes.  this girl was not easily satisfied. thankfully the very last stop had the perfect ones.

seen:  dad taping cooper shooting baskets, then both of them analyzing the footage.

heard:  cooper singing ‘jingle bells’ at the top of his lungs many, many times today.

seen:  beckham emptying the contents of his dresser instead of taking a nap.

seen:  mom being stopped as she tried to come out of her room after a nap.  there were secret missions going on.

heard:  seneca exclaiming that waffles with her choice of topping was the “best dinner in the whole world.”

seen:  nutella, strawberries and cream slathered over belgian waffles.

heard:  dad reading the Christmas story from the bible.

heard:  discussion about how the wisemen were mentioned in one account but not the other.  and other scrutinizing details.

seen:  children thoughtfully picking the spot to lay out their stockings.

heard:  cooper reminding us that we needed cookies for santa.

seen:  cooper sprinkling the front lawn with reindeer food and glitter… to attract the reindeer, of course.

seen:  all the family snuggled up on the couch watching the nativity movie.

heard:  “sleeping on the straw with the animals would be gross.”

heard:  “that’s mary.  I love mary.”

seen:  dad taking photos.  many, many photos. 

seen:  beckham unable to sit still for a single one.




heard:  silence as they are all nestled snug in their beds as visions of sugarplums work their way into their heads.

hope your morning is magic.

Merry Christmas.


tenacious d said...

Ooooh! Love your tree! Sounds like you had a very fun day full of great things to see and hear. Merry Christmas, Robinsons!

Tutz said...

That is a perfect place for the first tree in your new house. Beautiful! Stockings look ready and waiting. Can't wait to hear about your morning! Bet it was a riot!

Scrap Happy said...

Is that my tree? It looks fabulous.

The Qian Family said...

Merry Christmas! And I enjoyed the post about your friend's black pants. Yes, we all have those days...and we all have those comfy black pants!

The Silly Witch said...

Beautiful kids, beautiful house, and beautiful Christmas tree. I hope your holidays were sweet.