Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas break

We enjoyed Christmas day at home and after dinner packed up the car to head to Utah. 

We enjoyed a fun-filled week with cousins and grandparents. 

We went bowling with grandma and grandpa Robinson and our Elton cousins.



We waited ever-so-patiently for it to snow.  Thankfully the heavens obliged! 


We cheered on Grandpa’s team and watched him do his thing.




We enjoyed great ski days.  Seneca and Beckham enjoyed fun days with Grandmas.



We visited with five sets of grandparents and caught up with old friends.

Grandpa Boyd, Grandma Jeanne, Davey and his darling kids.


Discoveries of the week:

My boys have skills when it comes to Wii dancing.  Nine people can crowd around a computer to watch a basketball game go into double overtime and have it be just as exciting as if we were there… and Drew won!  Denten still has a mean spin-ball leftover from his high school bowling days.  Davey’s little boy Casey would be on my list for Seneca if arranged marriages existed in this culture.  Oh, the dimples!  A functioning car heater is absolutely necessary if I am in a cold weather climate for any amount of time.  and seat heaters.  Skiing in single-digit weather is not nearly as grueling as I anticipated.  My son is not quite ready for steep mogul runs as evidence by two major wipeouts down the mountain.  Luckily he still liked skiing (and us) after we missed our turn and ended up there.  Sleeping upstairs at Grandma Delores’s house in below freezing weather requires an electric blanket and thermal underwear.  Coop follows the game of basketball very well and understands when to yell “defense” consistently and at the top of his lungs.  Pat’s BBQ in SLC is a shady, shady place, but well worth the grub.  Road trips with my children get a little better each time. 

It was a lovely week.


Annika said...

I am offended you didn't even stop by to say hello! Just kidding! Glad you enjoyed your holidays Utah style!

Tutz said...

So glad to hear you made it home safely. It was so good to see you, Denten and the kiddies. Sounds like it was a successful trip. Send a copy to Bonj.

2x2momma said...

What a great trip. Your kids are so cute!!