Thursday, January 6, 2011

The day he’s been waiting for…



This darling little thing started preschool today.  He couldn’t wait.  All week he’s been asking if he was going to Miss Kerry’s today.  It was torture yesterday when we dropped his sister off and he had to stay in the car with me.  Today he was ready to go!  He was so excited to meet new friends and kept telling me what a big boy he was.


Miss Seneca was a great big sister, showing him around and helping him know how to do things.  He did great.  He has told me four times since he got home, “mom, I go to preschool sometime?”  yes, tomorrow.  “OK!” with a big smile.


Man, they are getting  way too big.


Kelly said...

Exciting day! I have lots of friends down here who take their kids to Miss Kerry, and have nothing but great things to say about her.

Annika said...

Preschool is a beautiful thing!

Tutz said...

What!?! When did he get old enough for preschool? Isn't he your baby?? Keep that sweet thing home with you for at least another year. I can't stand it!