Monday, January 24, 2011

good things.

I’m excited about new gym classes.  I have not been a member of a gym since Columbia, and I’m not sure that a student gym counts… but oh, the classes were great!  Jaime and I were dedicated to “body sculpting” and it was best when Vanessa taught.  That is my idea of a great, fun workout.  I have tried to be a runner, I go in phases, but I have never loved it.  I do love, however, a great upbeat class that combines cardio and strength-training.  I tried two new ones out last week and loved them!  I have a few others slated for this week and am completely looking forward to them.

I have an awesome friend who is considering a move to our area.  I am excited about the prospect of having her close!

I have a husband who took care of breakfast, lunch and dinner around here yesterday.  Church at 8:30 means we have to get it together to make it on time and it helps so much when he does breakfast while I get ready.  He also put a roast in the crock pot for dinner and grilled for lunch after church.  I was incredibly grateful for all the time I didn’t spend in the kitchen yesterday. 

That same husband bought me a bathrobe for Christmas.  Not a glamorous gift, you say?  I’ll tell you what, that thing has gotten a lot of use in the last month!  It is super soft, warm and cozy and I wear it all. the. time.  When kids get up at night my robe keeps me from freezing and to be honest it does the same thing during the day.  There may have even been a few days when I was fully dressed, still chilly and put my robe on over everything for an extra cozy layer. 

A reminder yesterday in Relief Society to keep first things first.  We discussed a few talks from last conference and I came home with new ideas to keep priorities straight around here.  It’s a little tricky considering all the following are on the the calendar for this week:  chess club, music class, preschool open house, lunch with the girls, dance class, soccer practice, book club, dentist appointment and a home inspection on the rental house… and I think D is going out of town later this week.   Throw in learning time, music practice, homework, nightly reading and scriptures and I hope we have time to eat this week! 

And a new little cousin.  My kids love to come to the computer and see pictures of “sweet cousin Bode.”   So many good things around here!

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