Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a wednesday

I opted for the later gym class today so I wouldn’t have to come home between working out and preschool drop-off.  We spent the morning getting coop off to school and Dent out the door to work and trip to Supai.  We picked up and got ready for the day then were off to the gym.  Took a weights class today that was good and a rest for my aching calves that are still sore from my massive cardio class Monday. I’m grateful my kids are happy to play at the gym so I can go and that the women working with them are great. 

After Beckham and I dropped Senny off at school we came right home to find friends were already waiting for us.  D, J and S came for lunch.  We may have our differences (and we do) but we pull together pretty well.  We created a pretty delish lunch and enjoyed visiting while the boys ran around.  I’m grateful for a yard that accommodates lots of fun little friends on a regular basis.  I’m also grateful my friends will drive to see me and that we can always find something to laugh about.

We picked up Seneca and intended on quick naps before dance class but quick didn’t happen and therefore dance didn’t either.  It was a bummer to miss it, but both of them slept until almost 4:30, which was unusual but much needed.  It allowed me time with Coop for homework, reading and music practice.  By the time the kids woke up we were on our way out the door to soccer practice.  We are trying a different league this season and hope it will be better than the last one.  I was not an experienced soccer mom before we moved but now that we have had a few different experiences I am more impressed with Laveen’s program.  Steve and Jeff organized a productive and fun program.  Cooper had a good time and Senny and Bex enjoyed running around and rolling down hills.  I got cold. 

We rushed home to throw on jammies, read and jump in bed before Jacob came over to sit with the kids so I could go to book club.  It was a lovely evening with fun new friends and the prospect of  great literature headed my way.  Speaking of which, my book and I are headed to bed now, because tomorrow is another day that will be ready to begin all too soon. 

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What good book(s) have you read lately?