Friday, January 7, 2011

a new day


a picture that has nothing to do with this post:


this is how Seneca rides down a sledding hill

Today is bound to be better than yesterday, although truth be told, yesterday wasn’t all that bad until it was.  You know. 

Anyway, we’re happy and productive today and on our way to having a super day.  Thanks for the love.

Maybe today I should remove this giant ridiculous can of processed popcorn from my living room.  It was kind of under the tree, never touched, tree is gone and this thing remains.  I’m sure if my children knew what was in it they would help me remove it quickly, but alas, they haven’t a clue.  Perhaps because I don’t buy ginormous cans of popcorn with powdered cheese on it.  ick.  But, I suppose it was kind of the woman who gave it to us.  Thank you, kind woman.  (don’t worry, she doesn’t read this blog).

I should go fold laundry, you know, be productive as I stated before?  But I feel chatty.  What else can I share with you? 

Oh!  Someone is getting a surprise in the mail… we’re sending it off today.  Want to know if it’s you?  Well, it is if your initials are EBJ and you live in Gresham.  Bummer for you if you don’t fit that criteria, but I would be most happy to send you a surprise another time.  After I fold my laundry. 

Beckham is now wearing my boots.  They go up to his bottom.  He is surprisingly coordinated. 



Croslands said...

okay just you saying "thank you kind woman" made me laugh. this could be one of my more favorite posts. it left me hoping that my name was Elizabeth Bennett Jones and that I lived in Gresham.

Emily said...

{Gasp}, who me? I shall have my children wait by the window for the mail lady every day next week until it arrives.

P.S. I hope you have packaged and shipped yourself!