Tuesday, February 1, 2011



It’s the Mister’s birthday today. 

He got loved on with presents first thing this morning and then a surprise at work when we all showed up with birthday cake, candles and song.  The rest of his office appreciated the reprieve and joined us for a sporadic party.  Considering he wasn’t due to return home this evening until after everyone was asleep, we figured we had better celebrate during the daylight hours. 

There are lots of differences between this man and I, but we fit and we make it work and I love that I have him.  Hope he knows how much we love him… happy birthday, babe!


tenacious d said...

Happy birthday, Denton!

The Hunt's said...

I would like me some surprise birthday cake. Do tell me Suzanne joined in singing Happy Birthday. Spitefully, resentfully, grumpily singing Happy Birthday. LOL! That would make my day!

Annika said...

I'm with Katelyn. Feel free to show up on my doorstep for my birthday too! Happy 34 Denten!