Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LOVE month

Harrie is at it again. Declaring all sorts of lovey-dovey sentiments. It's LOVE month, you know... the month in which to post daily about all the things and/or people you love. Very important or quite trivial... doesn't matter.

So... Today I love Beckham. I should post a picture, but you all know what he looks like. On Wednesdays I get a few hours to spend just with him and he is the perfect little companion. He keeps track of my errands letting me know where we need to go next and what we are going to accomplish while there. He sings to me whenever we're driving. He is very specific in his snack and meal requests, which is blessing- I never have to wonder what we're having because he's got it all figured out. He loves to read with me and will share his trains. He's perfectly delightful to hang out with.

Who's in?? Come on, feel the love.


Jilene said...

can I send you my kids, you teach them how to be good listeners and respectful to their mom, teach them how to self entertain and not talk back and get along with each other and then send them back to me. You have a magic touch that I have yet to figure out! :-) Happy Love month!

Alisha said...

Hah! Wish I had seen this sooner . . . I had so much fun do the thankful thirty in November. Maybe I'll jump on board here. Better late than never right?