Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today I love…

- new workout clothes.  and thursday morning’s class, which gives me a reason to get up and moving.

- mountain hardwear thick fuzzy jacket, ugg warm boots and layers.  lots and lots of layers.  it is 33 degrees here!!  that is not right.

- nice neighbors.  patient secretaries.

- the fact that my children have played great with each other all day

Things I’m trying to love:

- faxes, scanners and such… which are mostly a pain to me but helped out today.  Denten had his driver’s license in his bike jersey- then went to work, went to the airport and went to Boise.  Without his DL.  They let him on the plane… thank you Costco picture ID!  But that wasn’t enough to rent a car… they wanted the license.  Coordinating with his office, I think we got the job done.

- my power company.  call me crazy, but I should not be paying as much in January as I do in July, when I have three A/C units running all the time.  the heat is on, but not nearly enough… in my freezing cold opinion. 

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The Hunt's said...

Did you get a new Lulu tank?