Friday, February 25, 2011

I haven't forgotten to love things, I've just been a little busy. Too busy, perhaps, when Grandma, who has been trying to reach me for two days calls and finally gets me and says, "ok, do you have three minutes? I'll talk fast." I don't mean to ignore people. Well, very often. I was talking to Katelyn last night while I unloaded the dishwasher that had been run the previous night. I told her I better at least clean the kitchen so Denten doesn't wonder what on earth I had been doing all day. Some days are just one thing after another and sometimes that's fun and sometimes it makes me grateful not all days are like that.

Anyway, onto stuff I love. It's still love month, you know. For approximately three more days. Hurry, love something!

I love my new sports bra. It doesn't have a very big job and in fact takes away and protrusion that I might have, but it's comfortable and there's something to be said for that.

I loved Relief Society last night. It was a brilliant meeting that brought me home thinking and I like that. I love the sisters in my ward.

I love that it's Friday! and that D suggested we get a sitter and go out. ah, happy day. Our date will consist of furniture shopping, which I might also love. I'll let you know.

I love my new 'do. and beckham's. and seneca's. Emily snipped away at all of us this week. We can see Beckham's neck again which had gotten lost long ago, Senny is a little more even and I am sporting bangs again. Aren't they darling? What? You can't see them? well, they are darling, just trust me.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Preston said...

Thats funny about grandma I was talking to her in between her calls to you.