Tuesday, March 1, 2011


There is so much going on around here I should not be sitting here typing this, but I needed to sit down so I might as well update quickly.

We have house guests this week... one turned into two and two nights turned into more... not sure how many that will be yet. Good thing we like them! We have been up way too late and going strong all day every day. I am exhausted but have been very productive. I am learning a lot, an overwhelming amount, but it has been great.

You know the feeling of being so tired you close your eyes and the next thing you know it's already 5 a.m.? That's a rare and welcome night sleep, to not wake up once. On the other hand, my mind is so full and busy that it takes a while for it to calm enough to sleep and once I'm awake there is no going back.

I am blessed this week. I am not in my regular routine and have been thrown off balance a little, but we're doing great and I am grateful.

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