Wednesday, March 2, 2011

quick thoughts.

it is so lovely outside. I was walking through the parking lot in only one long-sleeve shirt and for just a minute I was warm. totally warm! it was so nice.

my buns are sore. the good kind, but I feel them with every step.

I threw a lot of chopped up veggies and quinoa in burgers last night. They were great. I am excited about the new ways I am learning to use grains. It is awesome watching my children devour complete proteins.

Beckham does not nap well outside of his own bedroom. Bummer. He's pretty happy without a nap generally but we're going on day three and I have a grumpapotomous on my hands. Early to bed!

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The Silly Witch said...

Just for you--because I haven't commented in awhile, though i read every day. My calves are sore, the good kind...I've been running a couple of days a week (building up) in Five Fingers and am hooked. What a good idea to put quinoa in burgers--smart. Our weather is amazing right now, too, and i wish I could spend more time outside.