Monday, February 7, 2011


- chipotle mayo.  what?  you haven’t tried it yet?  oh, you should.  gives the turkey, swiss, spinach, avocado combo a little zing!

- fun new beauty products… new luminescent foundation and fun new eye colors to try!

- 70 degrees… oh, thank heavens.

- fresh, clean laundry.  I just want to climb right in the big warm pile.

- 6 & 7 year-old soccer players.

- quote of the night:  cooper and I were getting in the car after soccer practice.

me:  I don’t know about this whole coaching thing, coop.

Cooper:  I like you being the coach, mom.

me:  you think I’m a pretty good coach?

Cooper:  You will be! 

Actually, the practice went great.  We filled the time easily with productive drills and games and the hardest part was getting five kids to agree on a team name!

I also love Emily who came to the rescue again and kept the littles while we were at soccer. 

And tonight I will love pasta with D and the latest Bach drama. 


Lindsay said...

You're coaching soccer? Omg I'm coming straight away. When's the first game?

The Silly Witch said...

I'm sure you are an awesome coach! I bet Coop feels so special. I'm glad you have helpers, and I hope you have a blast.

The Hunt's said...

LOL! I'm coming too!

Tutz said...

So am I. I'll come cheer on Cooper and the Coach.
Are you the main coach, with no help? How did this come about?

Amy said...

I love Cooper & his comments! Hilarious. That oughtta make you feel GREAT! hahaha. BTW...where have you been?!?! Miss you. xoxo.

The Malone's said...

So what did your team decide on for its name? I too am co-coaching with another lady and we are the T-Rex's. Isn't it fun to coach, I reallly enjoy it. Hope you do to.