Tuesday, February 8, 2011

is it Tuesday?

Today I love:

- the fact that all of my muscles got ripped to shreds today and that I was able to do it with more weight than last week.  what?  you didn’t know I had muscles?

- Body Flow.  an hour combining tai chi, yoga and pilates.  awesome stretching for my tight muscles.  worth the extra hour at the gym.

- our new post-gym concoction:  two oranges ( S and B race to the tree to see who can bring them in first), one banana, spinach, frozen berries, ice, milk, chocolate flavored chia protein powder, straight chia seeds all thrown into the blender and made perfectly delicious.  makes enough for the three of us. look mom, I’m eating my fruit!

- Let’s Play Music.  Love the program, love our teacher, love the awesome things Cooper is learning and most of all I love that he thinks it’s fun!

- Beckham’s eyelashes.  especially when he sleeps. 

- the way Bex pats my back when he gives me a hug.

- the way Seneca whacks the tetherball like it’s a piñata. 

- D coming home early.  This one totally wins today.

- Listening to S and B play soccer in the family room, laughing and running and yelling, “no hands!  no hands!”

- Cooper and D playing chess at the kitchen table.

So many things to love!


Tamra said...

Love your posts! You are so creative all the time.

Tutz said...

I get everything on the post-gym concoction but the spinach(???)
That is totally a sneak in, isn't it?