Thursday, March 10, 2011

bits and pieces

* laundry and rounding up necessary items  for winter weather are in full swing.  we’re off to McCall in two days and I have not turned my attention to preparing to go until today.  thankfully I am not significantly behind in laundry.

* I shared oils with a friend today who I know will be blessed by them.  my intuition has been strengthened as I pray for ways to support and help others.  I am grateful for the experiences I have when I listen to the Spirit. 

* donation baskets for Joete’s Playground Mother’s Day auction have started arriving.  I’m grateful for generous friends who support this organization and what we are trying to accomplish.  what kind of gift basket would you bid on for Mother’s Day?

* Beckham is picking up math and geometry concepts quickly at preschool.  I am grateful to know what to work with him on at home and grateful that his little mind is making connections and retaining information. 

* Miss Kerry commented today that despite being siblings, Seneca and Beckham have very different personalities.  Beckham, while full of life and energy, has a more mellow persona than his sister.  ‘Intense’ is the word I use for her.  At school she is little miss social, always aware of her friends and trying to coordinate playtime. 

* I am preparing for a hiking and climbing excursion that will occur at the end of the summer.  I have been increasing the load in my backpack as I spend time on the stair master at the gym.  I’ve decided that my back needs to be strengthened more than my legs do but I can tell that my regular attendance at the gym has made a difference as I am not dying as I would have been two months ago. 

* My trip to Costco this week brought home paper towels and toilet paper.  it’s amazing how much those items can entertain.  there have been TP fights, towers and walls built and destroyed and roads constructed.  and of course obstacle courses.  always.

* it hovered around 85 degrees today.  it was so, so nice.  I soaked it in knowing I will be in snow all next week.  the doors stayed open all afternoon, it was so lovely.  makes me wonder if we will be 150 degrees come july, but I’ll enjoy this bliss for now.

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