Wednesday, March 9, 2011

then and now.

March 9, 1999: 

morning:  I woke up with my mom and sisters in a hotel in downtown SLC.  I hadn’t slept well and had a nervous and excited stomach.  I spent the morning getting all dolled up.. hair, make-up, and running through check-lists of things to be sure we had it all.  Ok, actually my mother did this.  I honestly don’t remember much about that morning until we got to the temple.  The darling little old temple worker gave me some orange juice to calm my nerves.  I remember sitting in a sealing room feeling like it was a dream.  I remember how I felt and not much of what was said until towards the end. 

mid-morning:  I was married.  Sealed to Denten for time and eternity.  I was wearing a gorgeous gown… a beautiful corset top that laced up the back over a full skirt.  I felt so beautiful.  Looking back I would have done my hair differently, but we won’t start on what I would have done differently.  I was surrounded by a lot of family.  A lot.  We had gathered on the temple steps for the traditional and obligatory photos and then we pushed pause.  So I could run down the steps, lean over the bushes and lose my orange juice.  Yep, in front of everyone.  Wearing my beautiful dress.  And that’s the part my husband chose to tell my children this morning as he explained what an anniversary was.  “well, your mom threw up in the bushes.”  Thanks, Babe.  At least we have memories.  Like when we were walking over the the Joseph Smith Building and I tripped on my beautiful dress and did a face plant in the grass.  At least it was grass.  And it didn’t stain much.  This was going well, no?

afternoon:  Is it terrible that I don’t remember much?  There was a luncheon at the Lion House and then down time.  No, we didn’t do that during our down time.  I think I was redoing hair and such preparing for a reception. 

evening:  There were fantastic desserts at my reception and I didn’t even try any.  That I would change.  Oh, we’re not going there.  I smiled a lot, hugged a lot of people and felt blessed, happy and exhausted all at the same time.  My sister played the harp.  Both of my sisters were in ridiculously fluffy yellow tulle dresses with mini jackets because they didn’t have sleeves.  Those dresses are legendary.  As was my mom’s reaction when, at the end of the night, they were wrestling on the floor in them.  And Denten was involved.  I don’t remember the specifics, but there was a lot of laughter.  What I do remember well was my brother crying and when my mom and I asked him what was wrong, he said he was mad at Denten.  What?  Well, he was taking me away.  It was so sweet… he was going to miss me!  Man, he was young then. 

night:  No, you don’t get details.  We stayed at Little America and left the next day for McCall.  Denten was sick on the airplane and for the first two days of our honeymoon.  Not quite what most think of when you spend your honeymoon, “in bed.”


March 9, 2011

morning:  I squeezed Denten’s hand as he told me good-bye when he left at 4:something to ride his bike.  I woke up again when Beckham crawled in bed with me.  We got up and made Coop’s lunch and started breakfast.  Everyone ate, got dressed and we sent Dad and Coop out the door.  We went to the gym where I sweated my little pants off at step class, went to Target to get a birthday present, drove through the bank to make a deposit and went to pick up the pool vacuum.

midmorning:  I dropped Senny off at preschool and spent some time with Beckham.  I did some work at home, took a shower and cleaned up a little.  I was wearing work-out clothes and then my bathrobe.

afternoon:  Coop came home early- he and Beckham created an obstacle course in the family room while I answered emails and made phone calls:  newspaper, insurance company, energy appt,   Beckham pretended to take a nap then we went to pick up Senny, grab her friends and run them to dance class.  I talked to Dent briefly on the phone and very important rental, vacuum and furniture business.  Don’t worry, I had found real clothes by this point.  Although doing my hair was not a priority.

evening:  Will include feeding children, cleaning up with children, reading with children and getting them to bed.  D will be swimming after work.  Very romantic.

night:  No, you don’t get details.  But believe you me that it will be different than the night that occurred 12 years ago.


Denten said last night, “who would have ever guessed this is where we would be 12 years later?”  How could we?  He wanted to be an orthodontist and we were living in Cedar City.  We went from there to the Big City and now he practices law in Arizona.  Wouldn’t have guessed that one.  Couldn’t have guessed that getting pregnant would pose challenges and open all kinds of opportunities for our family to grow.  Don’t think IVF or adoption ever even crossed our mind 12 years ago.  Really, as cliché as it sounds, I don’t think my life could get much better.  Well, maybe if I had a maid.  But I get to do what I love.  He does what he loves.  We squeeze and kiss little darling children every day and we love each other.  Our life is not glamorous, but what did you expect when we started out with vomiting in the bushes.  I’m certain our future will provide more opportunities to learn and stretch and enjoy each other- not quite sure what else I could ask for. 

Do you know what would be great?  An occasion to wear my wedding dress again.  What a shame that it sits in a box. 


Debi said...

Maybe Senny will wear that beautiful dress someday. You are very blessed Ambers. Enjoy every single day. A. Debi

Amy said...

I'm not sure where I was laughing throwing up or tripping. Either way...awesome! I'm so glad I am not the only one with wedding day mishaps. Granted yours were accidents & mine were idiocy, but whatevs!

Tutz said...

Ah, what memories! Can't believe it was 12 years ago. What a great life you have. Can you imagine where you will be in another 12 years?

Leslie said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing!

The Silly Witch said...

I enjoyed reading this. Happy anniversary!

Emily Malinka said...

you two are such a glamorous couple... you have a glamorous home with glamorous children inside that glamorous home and don't forget glamorous Dutch in his glamorous garage! I love your story, thanks for sharing it.

ps. I think we should make the second Thursday wedding dress day or something... I always want some reason to wear mine again too (but then again I am just trying to fit back into mine!)

Michelle Burk said...

Great story. Too bad your mother-law didn't bring a plastic life-size horse to your reception. And your mother at least bought you a dress, not encouraged a borrowed one that no one bothered to size or dry-clean. Wedding woes. My list is've got it soo good.

eryka said...

Happy Anniversary!! Loved the comparison.

tenacious d said...

You should have posted pictures of the bride and groom. Happy, happy anniversary. You really have done some amazing things together in your first twelve years. The next twelve will be even more amazing.

kimmalee said...

Happy Anniversary. This was such a sweet post. Loved the comparison.

Tamra said...

Also loved the comparison! You are is your blog. :)

Patria said...

oh that was awesome. i love the format- i am tempted to copy your charming format for our anniversary this year! (: i agree that we would love if you would post a wedding day photo, or two or three! i'm sure you were nothing short of stunning! congratulations - i love that there's no way for any of us to know how different our lives will be in another 12 years....we have every reason to believe that there will be even more treasured blessings!

The Qian Family said...

What a wonderful post! I loved it!