Friday, March 25, 2011

friday in my head.

my brain hurts.  it has a lot going on inside of it.  how people have this busy of a life and work on top of it all is beside me.

the pool has been draining yesterday and today.  that is A LOT of water pouring into our yard.  I please-blessed it wouldn’t flood our house.  so far, so good.  I am excited for a clean, fresh pool for swim season, which is fast approaching.  it would have started yesterday if miss seneca had anything to do with it.

my brain was too full and couldn’t hold it all.  I missed my appointment to help out in Coop’s class yesterday.  it didn’t even register that I was supposed to be somewhere until it was too late.  gratefully my presence wasn’t missed very much, but it bugs me that I spaced it.

we gave keys to new tenants this week. I am quite grateful for that.  I like them. I have high and positive hopes that this situation will end better than the last.  the house has been descended upon by cleaners, yard people, pool guy and carpet man.  poor cleaning people, I love them to pieces.  I would not have done what they did.

we have a week before cali and the half-iron.  it appears we’re bringing home an air hockey table and therefore have been trailer shopping this week.  by “we,” I mean denten.  I just get the cash and give it to the man.  and listen to internal debates turned outward about the benefits of different trailer options. 

I have had great classes this week sharing the benefits of essential oils.  I love hearing how these have blessed people’s lives and the new ways they are learning to use them.  it’s fun and easy for me to talk about them and I love seeing others enjoy them as much as we do.  I am learning new things about the products and business side of this all the time and am loving it.

coop is “student of the week” next week in kindergarten.  pictures and poster in the works this weekend.  he’s the last of his class and is quite excited for his week to finally here. 

soccer and such tomorrow and then a night out with friends.  can’t wait. 


The Silly Witch said...

I LOVE your new header. Beautiful.

Emily Malinka said...

Oh Amberly, you are amazing! Keep going strong and enjoy your night off... I mean out!

Erin said...

Are you on a septic? Just curious why it drained into the yard? Hope it went well.