Monday, March 21, 2011

sometimes my life requires deep breaths.

I am reading a book for bookclub this month called The Little Lady Agency.  It is a delightful, witty easy read by Hester Browne.  It is written in first person and the main character, when in unfortunate situations, tries very hard to think of three good things as to not be sucked into the negative.  I had to adopt her practice this weekend when I went to view our rental home.  The former tenants are out and new ones will be in this weekend and despite all promises to have it cleaned and ready, I wanted to cry when I saw it.  I know that it could be so much worse, but it was overwhelming to me how much needed to be done before new tenants could move in.  Denten brought me back to earth reminding me that their deposit would cover most of it and that I wouldn’t have to do the cleaning myself.  That thought alone would have put me over the edge.  So, three good things:  there is not actual damage to the home.  we already have cleaning people, carpet cleaners, yard care and pool maintenance scheduled for this week.  I am not emotionally attached to that house anymore. 

Being a landlord was not bad all year as they paid on time and had minimal complaints that we had to deal with.  However, I am just about convinced that there was zero cleaning that occurred in there all year long.  Lesson learned:  more frequent inspections and more thorough screening of tenants.  All in all it is a situation that could have been much, much worse.  Update:  the cleaners are there and just called to say there is no water.  brilliant. 

That project aside, this is set to be a busy week getting back into the swing of things.  I am teaching two classes on essential oils- one in Mesa and one in Phoenix this week.  I enjoy preparing for them and get excited to share these with people who I know will benefit from them.  It is becoming much easier for me to decipher quickly which oil to use when and how to use them and seeing results is so fun for our family.  I am looking forward to meeting new people this week and talking about these fun products. 

I hit the grocery store this morning after the gym for essentials as this house was bare when we returned.  I learned as I was unpacking groceries at home that I should not shop for food when I am hungry.  We came home with some random stuff!  I also learned that even the doughnut Seneca picked out at the store for her treat was not incentive enough to eat her dinner tonight.  She was perfectly happy to forego the treat and go to bed hungry- no chance she was eating those vegetables.  She did mention, however, that she is looking forward to breakfast.

The Bexinator was especially whiney today.  Hopefully getting back into the routine around here will help him be a happier kid tomorrow.  He spent the evening in his room while we cleaned up as he chose quickly not to be a first-time listener.  To be fair, the others needed motivation to clean up as well.  They played great together today but the family room was a disaster area.  After asking three times for them to get it cleaned up I set the timer and pulled out a garbage bag.  I told them they could keep whatever was put away, but when the timer rang I was putting everything that was left out in the bag.  What do you know, they all of a sudden became very concerned for their things.  “Seneca, your teacups, get them, quick!”  “Cooper, put the books on the shelf, hurry!”  It was brilliant, there is not a thing out of place in there.

And with that I am off… to put together packets for classes and fold laundry and hope D makes it home before I fall asleep.  Over and out.


kimmalee said...

You have such great ideas to motivate your kids on the spur of the moment. I should write these down as I know I'll need them some day! It is hard getting home from a vacation. We always wonder how it is we can come home from such a wonderful and restful vacation so thoroughly exhausted. It's a mystery. Good luck getting back in your routine.

Emily Malinka said...

I SO need to remember that timer trick... you are brilliant!